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Outside Plant

Outside PlantUsing the latest techniques for underground direct buried, ducted or overhead aerial cable distribution, LDC provides reliable service to private, customer-owned outside plant systems. We have decades of experience in standards compliant design and distribution for outside (OSP) plant installation, trouble restoration and repair.

Our expertise has been applied to the design/ build of copper, fiber and wireless networks. And our exceptional know-how has kept some of the most data dependent organizations connected -- industrial facilities, major distribution centers, university campuses and specialty systems. We address the numerous issues that go into ensuring continuous and trouble-free operations and that protect your IT investment from a single point of failure.

Certifications - LDC is Confined Space Certified and OSHA trained. We provide installation of maintenance vaults, maintenance holes, hand holes and hardened conduit systems for the protection of your cable.

Overhead aerial, a LDC specialty -We are specialists in overhead aerial construction. Our capabilities include site surveys, strand setting, overlashing, guying, grounding, pole setting, right of way and easement assessment, and demolition.

LDC's outside plant services encompass: